Existence of God. Aquinas’ Five Proofs



The realization that there are five substantial proofs for the existence of God, is somewhat of a surprise for many people. This penetrating and insightful book lays out the demonstration of the proof of God in a logical way. Based on Aquinas’ Five Ways the author uses both the philosophical rhetoric and also a simple to understand explanation. The author wishes to instruct the reader that they too may be fluent in explaining to others the logic of the existence of a Supreme Being – that which we call God.


About Christabel N. Pankhurst

Christabel N Pankhurst, was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Her maternal great grandmother is Maura Sayers sister to the famous Peig. Although a Catholic child in the 1950’s she was educated at a Protestant school which necessitated her being taught her Catholic Faith at home. At her mother’s knee she not only learned her basic Catechism but also a great deal of advanced Catholic Theology. At the age of seven she was already pondering the mysteries of Transubstantiation and the Trinity.

Christabel attended Maryvale Catholic College in Birmingham where she made a comprehensive study of the Documents of Vatican II.

Having had a grounding in the Protestant religion through her early schooling and having known the Traditional Catholic Faith as a child, Christabel began to recognise the Protestant Heresies incorporated in many of the Documents.

In 2004 Christabel became an RE teacher and in this capacity became seriously concerned at the lack of knowledge by the RE teachers in English schools.

For instance, a HERESY commonly taught was that the Catholic faith is merely a branch of the Christian Faith.

This is WRONG. The Catholic Faith is the the Christian faith – anything else is a branch away from it and a broken one at that.

Christabel’s writing is always in defence of the traditional Catholic teaching and her great love for it shows in her writing which she says she hopes inflame others to love it too.

Christabel is married with three children and owns a talking cat called Pushkeen! Christabel does most of her writing in her home in Dún Chaoin, Co Kerry.